AirTags Anti-Stalking Changes in iOS 15.4 Beta 4

According to MacRumors, Apple has latest AirTags anti-stalking changes which were introduced earlier this month, have begun to surface in iOS. When customers first set up an AirTag, a warning appears in the newest beta 4 version of iOS 15.4. “Using this gadget to track people without their agreement is illegal in many countries,” it says. “This item is designed to be noticed by victims and to allow law enforcement to obtain information about the owner’s identity.”

Facts about AirTags Anti-Stalking Changes

Apple has previously stated that it has collaborated with law enforcement on many instances to track down abused AirTags and return them to their rightful owners, so this isn’t an idle threat. On the same hand, it’s clear that it wouldn’t necessarily deter stalkers who were willing to utilize it.

Another issue that has perplexed customers is an error notice that says “unknown accessory detected.” Although it’s caused by certain AirPods models and third-party gadgets, many people assumed it meant they’d been implanted with an AirTag tracker. To avoid confusion, the latest beta of iOS 15.4 will now make it plain if you’re traveling with someone else’s AirPods, for example.

Additionally, the option to turn off “Item Safety Alerts” is no longer available. Rather, “Customize Find My Notifications” and “Customize Tracking Notifications” are now available in the update. Some of these tweaks may or may not make it into the final version of iOS 15.4, which is expected to be released next month. AirTags Anti-Stalking Changes can be amazing for a new experiences of this young generation.

The change is part of a bigger effort to strengthen AirTags’ security and decrease stalking. Apple reduced the time an AirTag may be disconnected from its owner without making a sound from three days to between eight and 24 hours last year. This update was made to shorten the time it takes to search for a potential victim.

Apple will upgrade recent iPhone models later this year to include a precise tracking function that will make it easier to locate an unknown AirTag. It also intends to change undesired tracking alerts so that users are notified sooner. Finally, the AirTag sound has been modified to be as loud as possible, with an iPhone visual alert as a backup.

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