Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In this article are going to discuss Artificial Intelligence as we are surviving in the 21st century. It’s called the era of inventions and it’s true because human is going through new experiments and the outcome of this struggle is ” Comfort“. Day by day we are able to have more comfort in our life. Artificial intelligence is also a result of deep struggle. it made our life fast and full of comfort.

Definition of Artificial Intelligence

Pain: Many AI experts warn that the technology could become humanity’s “worst mistake” ever.
Agitate: An increasing number of experts believe that the artificial intelligence revolution has been badly overhyped.

 The simple answer is that it depends on who you ask. A layperson with only a rudimentary understanding of technology would associate it with “robots” as Artificial Intelligence, they believe, is a Terminator-like figure that can act and think of itself.

If you ask an AI researcher what artificial intelligence is, he or she will tell you that it is a set of algorithms that can produce outcomes without being explicitly directed to do so. And they’d all be correct. so the definition of Artificial intelligence is:

“It’s an entity created by humans to perform tasks without making errors and quickly on the bases of programming.”

Did not get it? Don’t worry and be patent, Here I can make you clear with a couple of examples, so let’s start:

Examples of Artificial Intelligence

1. Self-Driving And Parking Vehicles

Deep learning, a form of AI, is used by self-driving and parking automobiles to recognize the space around them. Nvidia, a technology company, claims on its website that AI gives cars “the power to observe, understand, and learn, so they can traverse a practically endless number of conceivable driving conditions. You can consider it an example of Artificial Intelligence. ” Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volvo, and Tesla all employ the company’s AI-powered technology, which is set to transform how humans drive and enable vehicles to drive themselves.

2. Digital Assistants

Apple’s Siri, Google Now, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana are digital assistants that aid users with a variety of tasks, like checking schedules and surfing the web, as well as sending commands to another app. Because these apps learn from every single user contact, AI is a crucial aspect of how they work. This enables them to recognize speech patterns more accurately and deliver results that are personalized to the user’s preferences. It saves every user searching data and uses it for some internal analysis which makes it capable to show relevance to the user’s match next time, seems amazing? yes, it is…

3. Vehicle Recognition Identification

Did you realize that many traffic cameras in your city utilize artificial intelligence to read license plates? PlateSmart, IntelliVision, and Sighthound are just a few examples. These companies use AI for their ease. This system reads images, collects the data, and keeps it saves to use later on. It reduces the human effort to manage and settle things down accurately.

4. Robots

Did you even see the machines human-like serving customers or cleaning carpets in large hotels, hope you must have seen them, if not, I am gonna make you clear? so let’s begin…

 These working machines are called Robots that are working day and night without stopping, They don’t need any rest like humans, they are designed on the basis of algorithms that make work quicker and faster.

5. Transportation

Artificial Intelligence is playing an important role in transportation. It’s the best example of Artificial Intelligence. You must be aware of the concept of “Uber or Creem”. These apps are working amazingly and serving humans. It was never possible without AI even a man cant imagine this type of comfort a couple of years ago.

“[AI and machine learning] is critical to supporting Uber’s mission of developing reliable transportation solutions for everyone, everywhere,” the company explains on its Uber Engineering site. “… We use ML to enable an efficient ride-sharing marketplace, identify suspicious or fraudulent accounts, suggest optimal pickup and drop-off points, and even facilitate more delicious UberEATS delivery by recommending restaurants and predicting wait times so your food can get to you when you need it.”

How does AI work?

yes, How AI works? If this topic is interesting for you or you are a student of AI, then your mind is must be clicking on you about the working of AI, so let’s discuss its working mechanism.

 To understand this concept we must go through some other important concepts that are based on this mechanism, If you get those right, you will be able to learn all these concepts as easy as play:

Machine Learning: It’s a process of learning on basis of previous experiences or analysis, the machine learns on its own. Yes, you understood exactly what I am talking about. So ML is a process in which the machine learns and improves itself on the bases of past decisions and outcomes. It makes comparisons of data and decisions and then goes with the best possibility.

Deep Learning: Deep learning is an ML technique. It trains a machine to classify, infer, and predict outcomes by processing inputs through layers.

Neural Networks: As you can understand with the heading of the topic, It really works like a human neural system. They are a set of algorithms that capture the relationship between various underpinning variables and analyze the information in the same way that a human brain does.

Natural Language Processing: It,s a concept of understanding human language by machine. AI machine reads analyze, understands, and then responds in a way that is understandable by a human. yes, it’s true, it’s a subset of AI.

Computer Vision: Let’s make our concept clear with a single statement. It is a process of understanding an image, dividing it into parts, and trying to understand these parts of objects. when it’s clear about the command, it responds accordingly.

Cognitive Computing: Cognitive computing algorithms attempts to emulate the human brain by analyzing text, voice, images, and objects in the same way as humans do and then attempt to produce the appropriate output.
Solution: With great power comes great responsibility…or maybe not. There is a growing concern about AI being used for nefarious purposes and being driven by dark motives.

What do you think?

Written by Emma Ava

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