11 Best Car Audio Systems in the World

Why is the best sound system important in cars?

Are you curious about the Best Car Audio Systems in the World? The sound system in cars is the really important thing for drivers and passengers therefore when people purchase expensive cars they also see the sound system in cars whether they saw best music system with Bluetooth navigation because nowadays people connect their mobiles phones with the sound system of the car through Bluetooth and enjoy music or what they hear according to their taste? The best sound system in the car also gives something feels good during long root.

How much does a good car audio system cost?

It will depend on your pocket whether you spend more on the best speakers or whether you spend less money on the sound system. It all depends on your pocket. The quality of sound also matters. The best quality sound system feels smooth in sound. There is a couple of the best car audio systems on the market. Hence, there are the following top brands of car audio systems;

1. Focal7. Polk Audio
2. Kicker8. Alpine
3. JBL9. Kenwood
4. Pioneer10. Morel 
5. JL Audio11. Rockford Fosgate
6. Boss Audio Systems
Brands of Car Audio Systems

Now you wanna read all these brands’ details? So I’ll be sharing details of these brands that help you when you will purchase any sound system these brands are the Best Car Audio systems in the World.

1. Focal:

This brand was established in 1979 in Saint-Estienne. His founder was Jacques Mahul and his running business as Precisionism. Now soon they were launching an audio brand for music likers.

Best car audio systems combination:

They invented the best car audio speakers on the market in 1989. Their motive was to increase the quality of car audio speakers to enjoy the journey by listening to music with the best car audio speakers. They provide their best to their clients.

A turning point in-car audio system:

In 1995 they enhance their brand of car audio systems in luxury music systems named Utopia. They upgrade the quality of the audio system for coming generations. After 6 years of launching the utopia, they launch Utopia III. They do this step for enhancing loudspeakers and audio speakers for the gen-Z. Now their brand was louds in the world in the lead of Focal and jm-lab.

Great initiative for car sound systems on the market:

The Focal invented the car sound system in 2001. They invent the world’s best Focal car sound system technology. They won the competition of  Focal car speaker driver kit in the world final of USA’s Audio IASCA in the First category.

Made by France:

They develop their business in France. They do not go to another country in Europe because this is Focal’s Idea to manufacture their best products in this country named Made in France.

HI-FI car audio system for the first time:

At the beginning of  2016, there was a new era of car audio systems after 25 years in this brand. This company’s owner Focal launched an OEM system for the French car Peugeot in this new system Peugeot 3008 has optional hi-fi featured by Focal in May 2016.

2. Kicker:

A company assembled in 1973 named Kicker’s Livin by Steve Irby invented car audio systems and mobile stereo from his city of Stillwater Oklahoma and he is also a current president. They invented high-quality audio systems and stereo. They think one step higher than the world and work on expectations of people in high profile best audio speakers and stereos. Its headquarter is in Stillwater, Oklahoma, and its audio speakers are designed by Stillwater. They build their company in 1973 with two persons and they manufacture sound systems, car sound systems and musical instruments for use of different events like auditorium shows concerts and church use. They give high-performance stereo and audio systems. Their products are still leaded by Irby. They create new updations in sound systems day by day like they create soundproof headphones and air buds and grow their brand for a better future.

3. JBL:

JBL is the best audio system company and its full form is James B. Lansing. In March 1927 two partners James Bullough Lansing and Ken Decker developed a brand named Lancing Manufacturing Company in the United States, in this brand they worked on audio systems, car sound systems, and other musical instruments. In 1939, they had a big loss, and their company was down day by day when one partner Ken Decker was dead in an airplane crash financially they have a big loss, and after all their company was sold out in 1941.

Then altec service corporation purchased this brand and changed the name to Altec Lansing. When the contracts expired in 1946 then the brand’s name changed once again and then they changed to James B. Lansing Sound(JBL Sound). Now at this time, JBL sounds company renewed all the pending tasks and build their company down to up with full efforts because there was already a loss then in 1946 they launch a new product in the audio sound system.

It was a new product of JBL and they manufacture a loudspeaker whose size was 15 inches and model was D101 and another product high-frequency driver whose model was D175. William H. Thomas owner of Marquardt corporation give investment and space to JBL sounds company and officially they look after the JBL sounds brand in 1948. But after giving space and investment they purchase a tire company named General tire company because they have no interest in Sound systems and audio systems then JBL come back to its previous space in the United States and works their expenses and they launch many products and has become popular for Best Car Audio Systems.

James Bullough Lansing was not a good businessman and he was not handled the Sound systems and loudspeakers business. He was some personal problems and business problems therefore on 4 September 1949 he committed suicide. Then the vice president of JBL sounds like Bill Thomas handled the JBL sounds brand. He purchases the JBL sounds company from James Bullough Lansing Mrs. and becomes the only owner of this company.

Bill Thomas was invented and renewed some best products of sound systems on the market:

1. Ed May and Bart N. Locanthi was creates these models of best quality audio systems as 375 was renewed in Western Electric 594 in an Alnico V magnet and also a four-inch voice coil.

2. In the previous models they include the best quality sound systems with ultra-high frequency  075 ring radiator driver. They also include the best audio system model 375 high-frequency driver.

Under the owner of Bill Thomas, here are two products ranked among audio speakers on the market Paragon and Hartsfield. These two products are highly ranked on the market.

After that time Bill Thomas sold out the JBL sounds company to Sidney Harman in the year 1969. Sidney Harman was the founder of Jervis Corporation. when he purchase JBL sounds he changed his company name to Harman international. Sidney Harman started his career with the best-selling and best-quality sound system product named L-100. In the year 1970, they are creating many L series products that are designed and upgraded many times. JBL brand increased over the period and they invent many products in best quality car speakers and audio systems. So this is a brief history of the JBL sound brand.

4. Pioneer:

In 1937 the founder of Pioneer company Nozomu Matsumoto created his product of car audio speakers and sound systems. He is also a big lover of music before creating his products he was a repairing shop for electronics products and speakers and sound systems. He created the best quality audio systems. At that time there was a boost in audio speakers and sound systems. Therefore he started working on making the best quality car speakers and sound systems in his repairing workshop. Their motive is to stable their quality and create the best car audio systems with Bluetooth and navigation and the best quality audio systems in the world. In 1996 Pioneer’s Director Tohoku built a factory named Pioneer’s Tohoku for creating many technologies for the best audio systems and best car audio systems combination and Bluetooth navigation.

Creations in Audio Speakers and Sound Systems:

They create many products with the best quality sound systems and the best car music system with Bluetooth navigation. They expand audio systems in the cars and create GPS navigation for the best quality sound combination in cars in 1990 they also produce a CD Player in cars in 1984 and they were the first producer who creates a CD Player in the car. They also produce the best quality DVD video player in 1996 and 1979 they create a consumer laserdisc. Their products are unique and reliable in the market according to their director’s policy and the quality of their sounds is very high from others in the market.

This is because they do experiments in their factory and produce many best quality sound systems and they work on technology with dedication for music lovers. They have also a lab for checking the quality of audio speakers and different sound systems like they check vibrations and voice level. They also water checking for making waterproof speakers and they check the saturation and temperature of speakers. They test the fluctuation of voice and test the material quality from different phases.

They develop the best quality sound systems for all environments. So, in the end, we say this company works for music lovers in the best quality sound systems and best quality car audio combination and they invent many technologies in audio systems for cars, sound systems for many events, and produce many subwoofers and loudspeakers.

5. JL Audio:

JL Audio is the Best Car Audio Systems seller in the World. Lucio Proni is the company’s CEO, co-founder, and also Chief Engineer of mechanics. He is a well-dedicated and experienced person of the JL audio brand. He worked according to consumers’ deeds. JL Audio is a USA company. They produce Mobile accessories. Their perspective was to build the best quality car audio systems and best sound systems for music lovers.

They have well-dedicated and world’s best engineers to design and create products of best quality sound systems and best quality car audio systems. They import many parts of speakers from China and some built-in USA. All subwoofers are built in the USA with imported parts. Here are the following innovations of best quality car audio speakers and sound systems of JL Audio company:

Amplifier Accessories
Subwoofer Grilles

6. Boss Audio Systems:

In 1987, a brand was launched by Sam Rabbani named Boss Audio Systems. They develop the best quality sound systems. This company grow very immediately and achieve a very big milestone in a very few years. They produce their product in the range of every class peoples. Its headquarter was built in Los Angeles. Their perspective was that they should provide the best quality products for cars and home sound systems at cheap rates that every person can purchase these rates. They will try to invent the latest technology products.

They introduce their best quality sound systems for cars, boats, and trucks in the range of every person. They try their best for their customers. They introduce Powersports, marine, and Boss Elite in 12 volts in the best quality. Their sound systems design is very unique from other competitors and compatible with every vehicle. They introduce in new more products rang in best car music system with Bluetooth and navigation. They invent a wide range of best quality automobile sound systems that can make easier access for users. Visually they make their product more elegant in design and they make unique products from other competitors.

From a listening perspective, they create the best quality sounds for cars and loudspeakers. Their quality of echo and sound is unique from others.  Their audio and video sound quality is very clear and smooth. Their headquarter are held in Oxnard, CA and their offices are also held in China and Shenzen with great production units and well-experienced and brilliant workers. They work for their company’s great future and they work for more growing their brand Boss.

7. Polk Audio:

True friends never apart:

When true friends come together in professional life and when they work united with full concentration and full dedication then they achieve big goals and milestones. But the big rule of true friendship is never cheating anyone then true friendship makes true friends.  That’s why these three true friends can make a big milestone and their story has the following given below:

In 1971, three friends Matthew Polk, Sandy Gross, and George Klopfer graduated from university. They make their own three friends team and work together. They introduced a brand of rock and best quality sound systems named Polk Audio in 1972. They started their company with a very small budget only $200 at that time.  But with this mini-budget, they never grow then they borrow loans from small business administrations in the USA.

Then they increase their employees and grow very fast in the Europe private companies. When Polk’s company increased revenues then he hires more employees. This is because they have the best quality audio systems and best quality car sound systems manufactured by the company. Therefore their sales are higher day by day. Polk’s main product was Stereo Dimension Array. The frequency and sound of this speaker were very smooth and clear and now a days, this company is sells Best Car Audio Systems.

The echo was very clear that’s why this product was boosted at that time. This was the best quality audio speaker at that time. The size of this speaker was 20 inches wide and 50 inches high. So this was a great initiative by this company then this company earn millions of dollars in Europe. Their stereos and best quality car audio and best quality loudspeakers systems are boosted in Europe. This was a great friendship and great initiative.

8. Alpine:

If we talk about the brands Alpine is also a well-known company and sells the Best Car Audio Systems. At the start, there are two companies Motorola and Alps Electronics in the year of 1967. Then these two companies build a new company named Alpine Electronics in 1978. This Alpine company invent the best quality car music system with Bluetooth and navigation, the best quality car subwoofers, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and the best car sound systems.

Alpine company’s car audio systems are used in worlds famous cars. The quality of the speaker’s voice and frequency was outstanding therefore this company’s products are used in famous cars. They use the latest technology in-car audio systems.

9. Kenwood:

A young businessman created this company in 1946. This company is held in Japan. After that, they build their office in California. They produce the best quality car audio systems, and speakers according to consumer needs.  They create the best quality FM tuner in Japan in 1950. They create the first high-frequency transformer in 1949.

This was the first product that was created by Kenwood. They would create an amplifier for the car audio systems and sound systems in the year 1979. They would sell their company shares on the Stock Exchange of Tokyo and earn a lot of money. They export the best quality car sound and audio systems, speakers, loudspeakers, and amplifiers in the international Europe market and going to be considered one of the Best Car Audio systems in the World. 

10. Morel:

In the year 1975 Meir Mordechai invented a brand for music lovers named Morel. They create the best quality car audio system combined with hi-fi technology. They create Integra design speakers and subwoofers for uniqueness. This is very unique technology from others. Their sound quality, echo, and frequency are very impressive and smooth. They launch the best car audio speakers on the market. So this company is famous for its Best Car Audio Systems in the world.

11. Rockford Fosgate:

In the year 1973 Fosgate launched a rock company named Rockford Fosgate. A time when they repair radio and speakers before launching this company. Now they invent the best quality automobiles, speakers, and best car audio systems in the world.

How much does a good car audio system cost made by Rockford Fosgate?

Rockford Fosgate sells the best car audio speakers on the market at a low rate.  They give quality products and they didn’t sell low-quality products. Jim Fosgate produces an amplifier. They start their company in the manufacturing of amplifiers. They also create the best sound systems in the market. Best quality subwoofers, woofers, loudspeakers, best quality car speakers, etc, and their products are known as Best Car Audio Systems.

So these are the world-famous Best Car Audio systems in the World that are built with great name and quality in the music world. Hopefully, you like our blog. Thanks for reading our blog post.

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