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    Best Graphics Card for every budget in 2022

    The latest AMD and Nvidia Graphics card aren’t spanking new, but they’re still the greatest graphics card for gaming are available and along with different graphics card prices. There are different graphics cards for laptops and PCs that haIn 2022, 4K, 1440p, and 1080p players have a variety of options, all of which give great […] More

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    Reinforcement learning: 5 Best Applications

    How rewards create intelligent machines In this article, we are going to discuss how reinforcement learning algorithms work? so let’s start with an introduction to reinforcement learning. In June 2021, researchers from the DeepMind AI lab made a contentious claim. The researchers proposed that artificial general intelligence (AGI) might be achieved using a single method […] More

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    Human Brain: How the Human Brain makes Memories?

    In this article, we will discuss how the Human Brain makes Memories? The National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States recently published research claiming to have identified and observed the exact brain cells involved in making, storing, and retrieving human memories. The research, titled “Neurons detect cognitive borders to structure episodic memories in […] More

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    How to understand e-bike battery specs

    You might be perplexed by the numbers on the spec sheet if you’re shopping for your first e-bike or electric scooter. What is the difference between a watt-hour (Wh) and an amp-hour (Ah)? Is it true that voltage is important? I’m not sure how big of a battery I’ll need. We’re here to help you […] More

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    Updated Mac mini to have versions with M2 and M2 Pro chip

    Apple released Mac Studio this week, which is built on the Mac mini but has far more powerful hardware – but it doesn’t mean the Mac mini is dead. As rumors circulate that a newly redesigned mini is on the way, 9to5 Mac has learned through sources that Apple is working on two new models: […] More

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    Qualcomm aims to make Developing Semi-Autonomous Cars easier

    Qualcomm believes it can broaden the realm of semi-autonomous car driving capabilities, and it’s developing a new platform to do it. The Snapdragon Ride Vision platform combines a 4-nanometer system-on-chip with Arriver’s computer vision software to provide automakers with an “open, scalable, and modular” means to implement Level 2 driver assistance and Level 3 partial […] More

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    Watch Hyundai’s CES 2022 robot show in under 6 minutes

    Hyundai’s CES 2022 robots have been going discussed in this article. Every year in Las Vegas, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) highlights some of the best technology that the world has to offer, as well as gives us a glimpse into the future as prominent tech companies reveal their vision for the next few years. […] More

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    Voice Option in IOS 15.4: Apple will give Siri a Voice Option

    This discussion is about the Voice Option in IOS 15.4. More than only AirTag anti-stalking messaging and direct iPhone contactless payments will be included in Apple’s iOS 15.4. The latest iOS 15.4 beta, according to Axios, has a less gendered Siri speech option for English speakers. The voice, which was recorded by a member of […] More

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    CLOi service robot is brought to the US by LG

    The CLOi service robot is becoming popular in this era of robotic science. Creators that focus on makeup tutorials, cuisine, and other forms of content that may perform better in a longer-form format may benefit from the change. Users will also have less need to separate more in-depth content across many videos. The LG CLOi […] More

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    Russian bank cards no longer work with Apple Play and Google Play

    This article is about why the Russian bank cards do not work with Apple Pay and Google Pay? This also discusses the document that led to Gebru’s removal from the company. According to Hanna, Jeff Dean, the leader of Google’s AI section, made a “laughable” remark regarding the robustness of the company’s publication process. She […] More

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