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    Reinforcement learning: 5 Best Applications

    How rewards create intelligent machines In this article, we are going to discuss how reinforcement learning algorithms work? so let’s start with an introduction to reinforcement learning. In June 2021, researchers from the DeepMind AI lab made a contentious claim. The researchers proposed that artificial general intelligence (AGI) might be achieved using a single method […] More

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    Researchers are Working on giving Robots Social Skills

    This article is about how researchers are working on the robots social skills. While movie robots are notorious for assisting (or hindering) humans, they have very limited social abilities in the real world. According to a new article from MIT’s CSAIL computer science lab, researchers are attempting to correct this by teaching robots how to […] More

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    Qualcomm aims to make Developing Semi-Autonomous Cars easier

    Qualcomm believes it can broaden the realm of semi-autonomous car driving capabilities, and it’s developing a new platform to do it. The Snapdragon Ride Vision platform combines a 4-nanometer system-on-chip with Arriver’s computer vision software to provide automakers with an “open, scalable, and modular” means to implement Level 2 driver assistance and Level 3 partial […] More

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    Cell-based Living Robots can Reproduce themselves

    This is how Robots can Reproduce themselves? Does not it seem odd and unbelievable? yes, it feels like, but nowadays it can be possible. Scientists claim to have seen a never-before-seen sort of replication in organic robots made from frog cells in the lab. The discoveries could have ramifications for regenerative medicine, among other things. […] More

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    Crypto exchanges refuse to freeze all Russian accounts as Ukraine requested

    Major crypto exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance have refused to comply with Ukraine’s request to freeze all Russian accounts, claiming that doing so would damage people and go against their values. A Binance spokeswoman told CNBC that unilaterally banning people’s access to their crypto would “fly in the face of the reason why crypto […] More

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    The Robot performs keyhole Surgery on Pigs without Human Aid

    In this article, we are going to discuss how Robot performs keyhole Surgery? According to a study from John Hopkins University, a robot successfully performed “keyhole” intestinal surgery on pigs without the assistance of humans (published in Science Robotics). Furthermore, the Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot (STAR) performed “much better” than human doctors during the difficult […] More

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    Flying Humanoid Robot has been built by Italian researchers

    In this article, we are going to discuss flying humanoid robot. Yes, a flying robot. Getting from point A to point B has become a huge difficulty as robots have slowly expanded their operations out of the controlled surroundings of research labs and into the chaos of real-world architectural infrastructure — take stairs, for example. […] More

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    A Burger-flipping Robot may be coming to a White Castle near you

    Burger-flipping robots are one example of a pandemic innovation that is here to stay. Flippy 2, a robot chef that can essentially accomplish the same chores as a team of fry cooks, will be added to 100 more White Castle restaurants this year, according to the company. Because this represents about a third of all […] More

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    Scientists create Cube Robots that can shapeshift in Space

    A modular cube robots system that can morph into numerous shapes has been developed by researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and the University of Calgary. There are no motors or moving parts in ElectroVoxels. Instead, they shift around each other using electromagnets. An ElectroVoxel cube has an electromagnetic ferrite core […] More

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