The Clubhouse chat function for those who would rather text

Clubhouse, a social audio app, revealed on Thursday that it is introducing Clubhouse chat function to its voice rooms. Users who don’t wish to talk can express their thoughts in the room’s chat channel, similar to what you’d see in Discord or a Zoom call. While adding text to an audio-only app may seem contradictory, it’s a feature that some users have been requesting. An in-chat function may be the sole method for some people to join the conversation, especially in extra-large rooms or areas dominated by a few famous speakers.

However, as anyone who has spent a few minutes on Twitch can tell, a chat option can also be a moderating headache.

The clubhouse chat function would be similar to Discord or a Zoom call Function

This clubhouse chat function would be similar to what you’d find in Discord or at a zoo. The clubhouse has outlined a few methods for developers to keep their rooms from exploding. Mods can be appointed by the creators to delete messages and kick disruptive members out of the room. You can also utilize the platform to report messages that violate Clubhouse’s user guidelines. The in-chat room function is optional for individuals who prefer their rooms to be audio-only. When creating their room, creators have the option to turn off the in-room conversation. If you choose to record the audio in your room, the textual conversation log will be recorded as well.

The clubhouse is beginning to mirror the rest of social media as social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit add Clubhouse-like functionality. Clubhouse, which was previously exclusively available as a mobile app, recently added the ability for users to listen to talks on their computers. Backchannel also allows users to send direct messages to one another. The clubhouse will have to get inventive to keep up with competition as live audio chat rooms become less of a novelty.

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