Drop’s Signature MT3 Profile Mechanical keycaps are buy one get one free

Drop’s unique selection of MT3 profile keycaps for Cherry-style mechanical keyboards is on sale for a limited time. Until Sunday, February 20th, you can acquire two sets of base or ortholinear keycaps for the price of one when you use the code MT3FREE. For the mechanical keyboard novice, it may sound like a tangle of complex lingo, but that’s okay because we’re here to help folks learn as well as save.

MT3 Profile Keycaps Offers

I understand that Saturdays are typically reserved for sleeping in, but I hope you don’t miss out on this round of bargains. Drop’s trademark MT3 keycaps offer a deeply scalloped curve that softly rests your fingers as you type. They’re made of high-quality ABS or PBT plastics and fit most Cherry MX keyboard switches, which are the most common type. Matt3o created these, and they come in a variety of unique colors that range from retro to futuristic. The base kits (the QWERTY layouts you’re used to seeing) and ortholinear kits (more specialized boards with keys placed in an even grid) are included in this deal, with costs ranging from $110 to $130 per set.

There are no knockoffs or counterfeits because Drop owns exclusive rights to the MT3 Profile tooling, but they’re also a lot easier to come by than keycaps sold in group buys, which can take months to arrive. Some of these MT3 Profile keycaps have already sold out at Drop, but if you hurry, you can still get a couple of fantastic sets for 50% off with this deal.

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Written by Emma Ava

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