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ExDialer Android App: A Complete Review

ExDialer Android App

ExDialer could be Find again on Google Play Store

Are you looking for the ExDialer Android app again? Yes, you are, that’s why you are on this page. Surely, you are an android user who is never interested to use the default Dialer to make calls, send messages, or for other activities where you need to use a dialer, maybe then, you would have even used the ExDialer app for using customized setting like themes, colors, icons, and multiple language support. If you used this app already, you will definitely be aware of the unavailability of the ExDialer app from the play store. But, you would be happy to hear the app is available again for you on the google play store with its amazing functions like ever.

There are a lot of apps on the google play store to provide customized dialers but I would like to share my amazing personal experience with the ExDialer app.

I personally, don’t like default apps of phones specially dialers as I never used a customized dialer. About 7 years ago, when installed this app and was surprised with its amazing features like it was Super easy-to-use, Fast and smooth, Extra light-weight, Smart T9 algorithm,30+ languages, and Directly call/textual content to a person on whats-app with the aid of using swiping left/right, Various Themes and plugins. I enjoyed every function of this app and was very familiar with it.

Before installing ExDialer Android App, I was used-to to installing new Dialer apps but none of these apps worked for me as some have limited features, and others have serious bugs to resolve (I texted to developers as well on the play store but did not get a proper solution), on the other hand, some of these had an ugly interface, themes, and plugins. A couple of apps that I installed were extraordinarily slow, one of these was suddenly gone blank, and could not see any call logs or contact lists.

Anyway, let’s proceed to discuss my experience again, So I was letting you know about the features of the ExDialer Android App that I used, that was more than enough to make my life easy with Dialer, But unfortunately, I got my phone crashed, when I tried to install ExDialer after buying a new phone, I was surprised because I did not found this app anymore in google play store.

I was wondering, searched here and there on google. The question I had in my mind is ExDialer removed from play store? and came to know Exdialer was really removed from the play store. But it was not only me who was looking for it, There were also a lot of users who were unhappy losing this app and asking each other not to get the ExDialer again. That was a really sad condition for ExDialer’s users.

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But luckily, After passing years, Today, I missed this app and again searched on the play store. You cant imagine how happy I feel after having this app again. To share the happiness, I thought to write a blog for those who may be still looking for this app like me, so that can enjoy their experience again like a couple of years ago they enjoyed.

So, the ExDialer Android App is working in the same way, using the same color scheme, functionality, themes, and plugins. Old ExDialer used to have Missed Call Plugin as it was an issue. But 360Brain’s ExDialer is perfect for call management and bug-free.

The 360Brains ExDialer Phone dialer app, which is exceptionally lightweight, easy-to-use, and theme-able, adds a lot to the table as a new alternative to Android’s default dialer, particularly dual sim dialing and the unique feature of sending Direct Whatsapp messages without saving phone numbers.

Though exDialer’s themes are great, the default theme (influenced by the popular MiUI ROM) is stunning, and I haven’t changed it since installing the app a few weeks ago.

The program is really simple to use and is only 1.35MB in size, making it extremely light. The main disadvantage is that ExDialer installs exContacts automatically, which is essentially a shortcut to ExDialer’s built-in contacts system. This seems a little redundant to me. Although users can get the same screen by clicking a button in the main program, I believe it would be a useful feature for some.

ExDialer not only works well, but it also has a few extra design flourishes and animations that make the dialer feel even more substantial. Although the app’s functions are limited, they perform effectively and provide a lot of useful functionality.

360brains is constantly delivering updates on their best 2022 dialing app on the play store. Hats off to 360brains on developing such a great product for daily use. You can download the ExDialer android app’s latest version from the google play store within a few seconds like other apps. ExDialer APK’s old version had to download before use but it’s now APK free.

Really satisfied to have it again on my phone.

ExDialer Android App Latest Features

Some important latest and updated features from ExDialer :

  • Only dual sim dialer available
  • Fast, Simple, and Intelligent.
  • WhatsApp Direct Message, WhatsApp Direct Dial
  • The fastest dialer ever made
  • Dialer with a single screen that is simple to use
  • Light-weight
  • AI Search
  • Multi-Themes
  • Multi-Languages
  • Swipe function customization

What do you think?

Written by Emma Ava

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