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Facebook blocks Russian state media from running ads

Let’s discuss why Facebook blocks the Russian State from running different types of ads? In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Facebook has barred Russian state media outlets from accessing its advertising platform or other monetization capabilities.

After Facebook administrators refused to stop fact-checking Russian state-run media sources on the platform, Russia’s regulator Roskomnadzor announced it will block access to the social network. Now, according to Meta’s Head of Security Policy Nathaniel Gleicher, the firm is tightening its limitations on Russian state media, which are no longer allowed to serve advertisements or use monetization tools anywhere on the planet. He went on to say that the company is still “applying labels to further Russian state media.”

It follows Twitter’s announcement on Friday that it will ban all advertising in Ukraine and Russia in order to better highlight reliable information and combat misinformation. Facebook has also created a “Special Operations Center” to track how the invasion of Ukraine is happening on its platform, as well as enabling a “lock profile” tool for those in Ukraine as an added security precaution.

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Written by Emma Ava

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