‘Fall Guys’ finally adds full cross-play support

Fall Guys received partial cross-platform support from Mediatonic last spring. Players on the PlayStation and PC could build custom lobbies to play against one another at the time, and people from other systems would show up in matchmaking. Despite this, you were unable to establish cross-platform parties. With the game’s most recent mid-season update, that’s changing.

Fall Guys now has complete cross-play functionality. After you’ve signed up for Epic Accounts and linked them to Fall Guys, you can start asking your pals to organize parties. Furthermore, while in a cross-platform group, you can participate in all accessible playlists, including Squads, Duos, and Main Show.

Sweet Thieves, a new game mode coming to Fall Guys “in the very near future,” was also mentioned in today’s update by Mediatonic. Your bean will be cast as either a Thief or a Guardian depending on the mode. In the former, your goal will be to take as many candy pieces as possible, while in the latter, your goal will be to find and imprison the Thieves. Mediatonic has promised to release a trailer for the mode.

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Written by Emma Ava

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