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HTC Vive Flow app turns Car rides into moving VR theme park experiences

HTC Vive Flow app has partnered with Holoride to allow you to use your Vive Flow VR headset to turn your automobile into an amusement park without getting carsick. When you put on the headset, you’ll seem inside a roller coaster or other experience, but the motion will be exactly synced with the car’s movement.

According to the press release, Holoride is supported in part by Audi and aims to create “a completely new media category for passengers by combining Extended Reality (XR) material with data points from the car in real-time.” Meanwhile, the $499 Vive Flow is a lightweight (189 gram or 0.42 pound) VR headset designed for entertainment and wellness.

You’ll be able to visit virtual amusement parks as well as “virtual worlds” and 2D entertainment on a “virtual, motion-synchronized movie screen,” according to Holoride. To put it another way, it appears that you’ll be able to watch movies or other entertainment without barfing, as you could on a standard screen.

Holoride isn’t exactly inventing the wheel here; I had a similar experience with Renault’s Symbioz prototype EV in 2017, which drove me 80 miles per hour while wearing a VR headset. Even back then, the experience was astonishingly flawless, as the virtual world exactly matched the vehicle’s movement on the autoroute (freeway), preventing me from becoming nauseous. Audi, Volvo, and other automakers have experimented with virtual reality headgear.

Holoride will use a headset that is possibly more practical and lightweight, albeit it will set you back $499. It has two 1.6K, 75 Hz monitors with a 100-degree field of vision and decent aesthetics. However, because it lacks as many motion sensors as more traditional VR headsets, it necessitates the use of a mirror-mounted dongle to track vehicle motion.

A headset isn’t very social, but it might come in handy on long rides if you or the driver want to take a break from talking. There’s no news on when the experience will be available, but Holoride will be demonstrating it at MWC in Barcelona from February 28th to March 3rd.

This is really amazing to know that now we can enjoy car rides as a moving VR Park due to the HTC Vive Flow app. As in this century, the world is turning into a totally new world. Every impossible point looks possible. The turning of the HTC Vive Flow app into a VR moving park also shows the accuracy of changing this world.

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Written by Emma Ava

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