Updated Mac mini to have versions with M2 and M2 Pro chip

Apple released Mac Studio this week, which is built on the Mac mini but has far more powerful hardware – but it doesn’t mean the Mac mini is dead. As rumors circulate that a newly redesigned mini is on the way, 9to5 Mac has learned through sources that Apple is working on two new models: one with the M2 processor and the other with the M2 Pro chip.

Mac mini M2

The M2 processor, which is Apple’s next-generation entry-level chip for Macs and iPods, will power the upcoming Mac mini, codenamed J473. Since the release of the M1 in 2020, the M2 will be the first substantial improvement to Apple’s “M” family of CPUs. M2, dubbed “Staten” internally, is based on the current A15 processor, whereas M1 is based on the A14 Bionic. M2 will have an eight-core CPU (four performance cores and four efficiency cores) and a more powerful 10-core GPU, just like M1. “Avalanche” is the codename for the new performance cores, whereas “Blizzard” is the codename for the efficiency cores. The development of the M2 is nearing completion, and a release date is scheduled for later this year.

Mac mini M2 Pro

Apple had planned to release high-end versions of the current Mac mini with the M1 Pro and M1 Max CPUs, according to 9to5Mac’s sources, but they were likely canceled to make way for the Mac Studio.

Apple is apparently working on a new Mac (codenamed J474) that will have the M2 Pro chip, which has eight performance cores and four efficiency cores, totaling a 12-core CPU vs the present M1 Pro’s 10-core CPU. Apple has no plans to release a model with the M2 Max or Ultra processors. Until then, the Intel Mac mini is likely to remain in the lineup.

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