Google has Updated a new Design for the Web Play Store

Did you ever use the google play store web version? if yes, you must have seen the older and out-dated
design for the google web play store but that would be good to know that it has been updated by google now.

Most people use only the android version of the Google app store to download the best apps for the play store. The reason for using the mobile version is not only machine size but also the design that was not updated and was not acceptable for regular users.

Updated Play Store for Google Chrome

App previews, the option to remotely install apps, and support for movies and books alongside apps and games remain in the revised design. Large headers and video previews for games are also visible, with the Minecraft listing, for example, transitioning to a darker page with an auto-play clip.

If we see the new design, categories have migrated to the top bar from the sidebar, the background is
white and the icons are bigger comparatively. Its looks are similar to Netflix which has a bigger header
image covering the full screen. The overall design looks like a mobile version of the play store.

Design Comparison

Using a VPN, Damien Wilde was able to run the design in his browser. Some account administration
settings are shown there. In terms of functionality, the new Play Store online design appears to be on par with previous versions.

A scroll bar for screenshots and a button in the google play store browser version for filtration of apps
have been added to improve the design. By selecting a device you can see apps for mobile, tablet, or

Regional Limitations for Web Play Store

Unfortunate is always with good fortune, This new update is not for all the world. It’s only for partial
regions and google has not confirmed yet, whether this new design update is for all users in the world or just for specified locations. However, if you want to try out the new design on your account, go to the Korean and Taiwanese versions of the Google Play
Store for the web and do so.

What do you think?

Written by Emma Ava

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