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Palmer Luckey’s Startup Purchased a Company that makes Underwater Drones

Palmer Luckey’s firm, Anduril, has previously concentrated on above-ground drones and virtual border walls, but it’s now ready to venture beneath the seas. Dive Technologies, a startup specializing in autonomous underwater vehicles, has been purchased by the business (AUVs).

Dive’s existing DIVE-LD AUV is already available as an option through Luckey’s company. Not only can the drone perform military activities like anti-submarine warfare and undersea combat zone awareness, but it can also perform non-military operations like mapping seabeds and oceanographic sensing. In other words, this might be just as beneficial for NOAA and commercial businesses as it is for the Navy. Anduril intends to incorporate its Lattice OS autonomous software into DIVE-the “next LD’s version.”

The Palmer Luckey startup just recently landed a $968 million contract with US Special Operations Command for counter-drone systems, too. While Anduril hasn’t lined up any immediate customers for Dive’s expanded operations, it’s clearly betting on those clients coming as quickly as they have for above-ground projects.

Anduril’s quick growth is reflected in the purchase of Dive. Palmer Luckey established the startup in 2017, just a few months after being fired from Facebook (now Meta) due to political donations criticism. Because of its AI-based virtual border wall technology, Anduril quickly gained business from the US government, and by 2020, the government has an agreement worth hundreds of millions of dollars to erect vertical surveillance towers. The border between the United States and Mexico. Anti-drone devices were recently awarded a $968 million contract by the United States Special Operations Command. While Anduril has not yet secured any customers for Dive’s growth, it is clearly wagering that those customers will arrive as fast as they do on current projects.

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Written by Emma Ava

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