Samsung acknowledges Galaxy S22 Ultra display bug – but promises a fix is coming

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra reviews are in, and while most of them are pleasant, tales of problems are beginning to emerge, and they are naturally less so.

People are reporting an easily-replicable display problem on Reddit and Samsung’s forums when the display refresh rate and resolution settings are both set to high. Strange flickering lines show over the display or in patches when this happens, particularly when watching media or using the fingerprint scanner.

According to reports, this only affects phones with the Exynos 2200 chipset – meaning only European customers – and can be easily avoided by lowering the refresh or resolution settings.

The good news is that Samsung has already acknowledged the problem and claims to be working on a solution. A snapshot of a reply from Samsung on Reddit showed that the business had already produced a solution and that a software update would be released soon to fix the problem.

In the meanwhile, according to Samsung, another approach to avoid the problem is to set the screen mode to Vivid, as Natural is more likely to cause the issue.

You might also discover that you never had this problem in the first place. Since the Galaxy S22 Ultra isn’t due to ship until February 25, just a few people who obtained their phones early have noticed this problem, so it’s unclear how widespread it is.

The top-end phone curse is examined.
When you invest money on a super-premium phone, you expect it to perform better than a budget model, but we’ve recently seen a slew of faults with flagship phones that may make customers wonder why they paid so much.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is not new to similar problems; the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s main camera experienced a peculiar autofocusing issue where it was reluctant to concentrate on close subjects.

Both OnePlus and Google have been criticized recently, the former for the disclosure that the OnePlus 9 throttled app performance to prevent users from taking advantage of its high-end hardware, and the latter for the Pixel 6’s numerous issues.

So when top-end phones are proving buggier than inexpensive options, what’s the solution? Easy, just buy a mid-range phone. They function basically the same, cost you less, and seemingly won’t keep getting bugs.

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Written by Emma Ava

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