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TikTok Video Length is Extended the Maximum to 10 Minutes

TikTok Video Length is expanding the maximum on the site once again, this time from three to ten minutes. “Today, we’re excited to begin rolling out the ability to post videos up to 10 minutes long,” a TikTok representative told Engadget. “We think this will unlock even more creative possibilities for our creators around the world.”

According to FutureTechWorld, the service has been testing the lengthier time restriction for the past few months. Last July, TikTok increased the maximum video duration from 60 seconds to three minutes.

TikTok may become a more serious competitor to YouTube as the time restriction is increased (which countered TikTok with a competing feature called Shorts). If TikTok Video Length has been increased then it would be very similar to Youtube as has both types of videos(short and long).

Creators that focus on makeup tutorials, cuisine, and other forms of content that may perform better in a longer-form format may benefit from the change. Users will also have less need to separate more in-depth content across many videos.

However, given that TikTok is being used to spread misinformation about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, some people are concerned about the timing of the move.

“We are continuing to closely monitor the situation and have boosted resources to respond to developing trends and delete violative content, such as damaging misinformation and the incitement of violence,” a TikTok spokeswoman stated. “We also collaborate with independent fact-checking organizations to support our efforts to keep TikTok a safe and genuine environment.”

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Written by Emma Ava

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