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Ukraine asks Apple to stop product sales and block App Store access in Russia

Apple has been asked by Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister to stop selling its products and shut down its App Store in Russia. In a letter to Tim Cook, Mykhailo Fedorov, the country’s Minister of Digital Transformation, has requested the tech giant’s cooperation. In an attempt to persuade Apple’s CEO, he said, “The entire world is repelling the aggressor through the imposition of sanctions – the enemy must suffer huge losses 2022, current technology is arguably the best solution against tanks, multiple rocket launchers, and missiles…

Early on Thursday, Russia started a full-scale military assault on Ukraine, invading the country from three directions and striking by land, air, and sea. It bombed the country’s largest cities, including Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, which was hit with rockets early Friday. In response to the invasion, the US government and its allies have announced fresh sanctions against Russia, aimed at limiting its military and technological capabilities by blocking its access to exports. Furthermore, the sanctions target Russian oligarchs by restricting their ability to transact in dollars, euros, pounds, and yen.

Fedorov concluded his letter to Cook, which he shared on Twitter, by stating what Ukraine believes will happen if Apple leaves Russia: “We are confident that such steps will push Russia’s youth and an active populace to proactively cease the disgusting military attack.” Apple has failed to officially reply to Fedorov’s request, despite Cook earlier stating that the business is doing everything it can for its employees in Ukraine and “will be supporting local humanitarian efforts.”

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Written by Emma Ava

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