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Watch Hyundai’s CES 2022 robot show in under 6 minutes

Hyundai’s CES 2022 robots have been going discussed in this article. Every year in Las Vegas, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) highlights some of the best technology that the world has to offer, as well as gives us a glimpse into the future as prominent tech companies reveal their vision for the next few years. Because of the continued popularity of covid-19, many exhibitors withdrew from the in-person event at the last minute, opting for virtual events instead.

Thanks to many firms presenting and receiving innovation awards, the AARP innovation labs’ exhibit (which was virtual this year), and the CTA’s annual pitch event + accessibility awards, AgeTech has been garnering more and more awareness at CES in recent years.

New and Remarkable about Hyundai’s CES 2022 Robot

Retriever, a service robot by Labrador Systems, was created to help persons who need help carrying (and retrieving) goods about the house. It will be commercially available in 2023 and can carry goods weighing up to 25 pounds. Kinoo is an intergenerational gaming/video chat platform that uses artificial intelligence and augmented reality to build ties between grandparents and grandkids using tablets or smartphones.

Product Announcements and Launches

LG and IndependaTM have announced the debut of the Independa Health HubTM, a telehealth service that is built into LG TVs. Providing viewers with access to a variety of centralized services from the comfort of their huge, familiar television screen. Learn more about this intriguing collaboration.

Those of you who have followed AgeTech at CES for the previous few years have learned to expect new feature announcements from CarePredict every year, and 2022 will not disappoint! CareVoice, which allows family caregivers to deliver voice reminders to their loved one’s Tempo bracelet, was debuted this year.

Last but not least, at CES’ Eureka Park, Caregiver Smart Solutions debuted the Aging in Place Core Kit. The package, which incorporates smart sensor technologies, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, is designed to help caretakers all around the world. Tiny, non-intrusive sensors monitor behaviors, movement, and patterns to provide family members peace of mind that everything is as it should be.

Big Tech has big plans

Many of the companies at CES 2022 focused on products that can be found on store shelves, but Hyundai came to the conference with a sweeping vision of the future. In its presentation, the company outlined a “metal mobility” plan in which robots augment humanity’s skills. That is to the point that you could even redesign entire rooms or utilize a robot as a stand-in while navigating the metaverse at home.

The event featured a lot of Boston Dynamics robots, and Hyundai was interested in talking about anything from exoskeletons to digital twins for machines. We realize it’s a lot to take in. Thankfully, our six-minute supercut can teach you all about them and more.

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Written by Emma Ava

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