YouTube blocks RT and other Russian channels from generating ad revenue

In this article, we will discuss YouTube blocks RT and other channels that have been blocked. Russia Today (RT) and a few other Russian broadcasters have been temporarily blocked from collecting ad income on YouTube. The business told Reuters it was halting the ability of numerous channels to monetize their material on the platform due to “exceptional circumstances” and recent sanctions against the country.

In addition, YouTube announced that videos from those content creators will appear less frequently in user recommendations and that RT and a few other channels would no longer be available in Ukraine due to a government request. A complete list of the banned channels was not provided to Reuters by YouTube but it’s confirmed that YouTube blocks RT. We’ve contacted the company for comments and additional information.

It’s difficult to determine how much the limits will affect those channels. Between 2017 and 2018, the Kremlin earned $27 million in ad revenue, according to internet research firm Omelas. Russia has collected up to $73 million in YouTube ad income from RT and other state-affiliated channels over the last 12 years.

Similar moves have been made by Facebook and Twitter. In response to the invasion of Ukraine, Meta’s head of security policy, Nathaniel Gleicher, stated the business was barring Russian state media from running advertisements or using any other monetization capabilities. Twitter said the same day that all advertising in Ukraine and Russia would be suspended in order to better emphasize reliable information and counteract misinformation.

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Written by Emma Ava

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